Straight Flush Issue

Recently, in fact earlier today, I had a straight flush (2,3,4,5,6 of spades) and the game only recognized it as a flush, which meant I didn't unlock the straight flush achievement. Now, I did have a screenshot of this, thought I have convieniently lost it due to copying something on the internet before saving it :(
I can assure you I definately had this hand as I checked it several times.

I know its not a big deal but I thought I should mention it as could be a potential glitch/bug


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    Yeah, other people have reported this and I've even seen another screenshot that confirms the existence of the bug (at least if we assume it wasn't photoshopped, but I doubt it was). Hopefully it's one of the bugs fixed in the patch.
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    ok cheers for the info
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    Okay dumb question, what's this "achievements" thing? Is it a thing going for the people who bought PNaTI through Steam?
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    crfh wrote: »
    Is it a thing going for the people who bought PNaTI through Steam?
    Or activated on Steam after TTG purchase (at risk of loosing progress apparently).
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    The achievements are really nothing special, though, and all of them will eventually occur with normal poker play. Though some like "straight flush" will take a long time, but that's random chance for you.
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