Bug when betting all-in

I've been playing this game a lot recently, and I've noticed that every time Strong Bad bets all-in and loses, he gets all this money back, it's really irritating, especially if it's turned into 1-on-1 and I'm about to win.

Is this some stupid poker rule or a bug?


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    If you're all in with say, $3,000, and he's all in with $10,000, and he loses, he will only lose enough to match your all in bet of $3,000, and he'll get the other $7,000 back.
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    Ah, I see.

    Thanks for the reply, I REALLY need to get better at poker :L

    But sometimes he gets the money before anyone has even won, is that meant to happen?
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    He says "All in" but if no one can match it (ie he has more money than everyone else) he gets it back. If the players that can match it fold before they do, he gets the extra back...

    Basically, he'll never have any money in a pot that no one else can win. Get it?
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