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    lmao! now that is simply bad luck on those specific hands, nothing out of the ordinary really. The game isnt programmed for them to have better odds than you, why the hell would they bother to program it that way? Yes they do indeed do some really stupid crap like play with crap ass hands, but eventually they pay for it. If you get a good hand the cards arn't programmed to be dealt against what you've got. Really, why would they bother to put time into doing that in the first place.

    You have to learn how they play, they arn't human and certainly dont play like them. Think how hard it would be to program that. I have yet to see a poker sim that comes close to emulating real humans.

    When I started i went to -120k and Im now finally catching on how to play these guys and am in the + again. (on hard)
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    This game is fucking retarded

    Says the guy who wrote a paragraph about it.
    Have fun with the tf2 weapons clearly that is all you got the game for.
    Whos retarded now?
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    Set the difficult to normal, play "tight" (that is, only play good hands, don't go for straights or flushes), be conservative until you eliminate Strong Bad and Max, who are the loose cannons of the outfit, then play aggresive, generally it's a good plan to be conservative until you have eliminated two or three of the players.

    Observe the players, they move in predictable patterns depending on how much money they have and how advanced the game is. And when you have a good hand, MILK IT, learn to manipulate the characters: for example, Max is pretty impulsive, but if he has a crappy hand he's more likely to go all in if you give him little pushes instead of going for an all-in immediately. Then he'll fold and you won't be able to milk him as much.
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    Poker is also game of patience. Don't go all in with bad hand etc.
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    I am great at poker
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    My advice:

    Do not "rely" on hands like a Straight or a Flush. They are much less likely than you think. I tend to fold when both my cards are below an 8, even if they're consecutive or same-sign. Generally, 10, J, Q, K, A are good for joining the pot; the most common hand is going to be one pair, and if you have the higher one, you win.

    In terms of bluffing (a good thing to try if you're not getting any good hands), I would wait until everyone's seen the flop and checked (meaning they don't have anything exceptionally good, and they're waiting for the next card). Bet then, and often anyone left will fold (Not always!)

    I will be honest though; I'm only a little above breaking-even balancewise in my own game.
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