Steam Bug?

I have the game in both Steam and by itself. I'll play the Telltale version, and win some unlocks. But when I play it with Steam afterwards, I lose all the unlocks.



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    They don't use the same save.

    To get the unlocks in TF2, you have to play the Steam version.

    Have a nice day.
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    Nope. Pretty sure when I entered my serial for Steam, the unlocks I got from before popped up on TF2.

    Also, mine uses the same save. I remember closing the game with Strong Bad busting out, and when I opened it with Steam, Strong Bad was out of the tourney.
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    okay. But the steamunlocks will not work with the TTG-version. You need to play the steamversion to get them.
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    Ok, then they DO use the same save :P

    You still have to open the Steam version to get it.
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    Sorry. Let me clarify myself.

    Yes, they have the same save.

    No, I played the TTG version, and when I played the Steam version, I got the unlocks that I won during the TTG version.

    All my decks and tables went poof after starting the Steam version afterwards, and I have to play again in order to get it.

    Are we clear?
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