Steam Not Working

I bought this game for stem 'cause it was on sale and looked like it might be fun! Well, whenever i start it up, I see the Telltale Games logo and as soon as the logo fads out, the game freezes. I've defraged it and tried starting it up multiple times, but it still won't start. I contacted Steam and I was directed to this site for help, I see no 'Contact Us' on this site so I'm posting a thread. Anyone; ideas?

P.S. I have a feeling that if Telltale Games had not put their logo on the game's start-up, the game would be functional. Yet another perfectly good thing lost to advertising!


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    They do have a support board, though.

    Also, aside from that, I have the Steam version, and it works just fine. Seems like you just have a PC that isn't up to date.
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    Thanks for the link. And it's not the updates either. It's possible that it's Vista, just sucking again, but it's supposed to be compatible with Vista so, I'm not exactly sure what else to do. Besides contact their support, that is.
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