Couple of Hand Result Bugs

Tycho had $200, was in small blind for $100. Everyone called (including Tycho, thereby putting him all-in). I pushed all-in, Max folded, Strong Bad called which put him all-in (I had $400 more than him), Heavy folded. There should've been a side pot between me and SB but it didn't show it. Note: This was all pre-flop. Tycho won with two pairs and SB beat me with a crappier two pair than Tycho (I only had a pair). Strong Bad was eliminated (incorrect), Tycho won ~$20,000 (incorrect, should only have been $1,000), I was down to $400 (correct).

Also got ripped again in a similar fashion. Max pushed all-in with around $1200, Heavy & Tycho called (Strong Bad was eliminated earlier), I pushed all-in, H & T folded. Max won the hand but won all of my chips and eliminated me (I had around $22,000 so that is incorrect, I should still be in).
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