RE: Did you buy the game?

I bought it, and love it! I've been searching for and trying many Texas Hold 'Em PC games and found them all wanting. Most of them are just 'get the best hand you can' games where you're not playing against an AI. And most didn't stick to the basic fundamental rules of the game.

I found and downloaded the demo of Telltale TH from and played the 30min trial right off the bat and then promptly bought the game. (Which in of itself tells you something, I rarely ever buy software of the 'net. I like to get stuff with installation CDs.) The characters are hilarious and the game stick to the proper rules of Texas Hold 'Em.

I've been playing this game for a month now and I'm still hearing new dialog. Sure, there is some repetition, but that's going to happen with a computer game and overall there is quite a lot of original dialog and the characters do a great job of interacting with themselves and the player.

The AI is done well too, you can't predict each character's movements. They do have their own traits, but you can tell in advance who's going to bluff you and who has a great hand and they don't just give up right away because they don't have a great hand. On the other hand they won't always stay in just because they have a high card.

I rate this an excellent game. It was the best software purchase I've made in a while and I give two thumbs up to Telltale Games for this quality product.


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    i bought this game. its good but not as good as poker night at the inventory
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