Startup Problems

I'm just going to guess this isn't the first thread based on this problem...

I bought the game from steam, and when I try to start it up, my computer freezes on a black screen. Unable to do anything I Alt+Tab, only to two popups one that says, "Sorry, this account is not authorized to access this game" and the other, "The application failed to initialize."

I've tried restarting my computer, reinstalling the game, deleting caches, and my computer in general surpasses the game requirements.

Any other suggestions to my problem?


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    I've bought this, Puzzle Agent, both Bone games, and Telltale Texas Hold Em on Steam before. This game was the only one where it kept glitching like crazy and could barely run for me. I can run everyother Telltale game that is made on or off Steam perfectly with tweaking the settings aside but Poker Night was way too unplayable for me. This game really needs a major glitch fixing update.
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