Is the retail version supposed to have a serial number?

A friend just bought the game on GameStop and the DVD won't load (doesn't seem to be scratched, it's jut not working). I thought she could register it at the site to download it that way, but there is no serial number. Should there be one in the retail copy? It's a new copy, supposedly, so I'm wondering if she got screwed.


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    The retail version won't let you unlock the website version, no. They're technically two separate products in that sense.

    You might be able to exchange the disc for another copy of the same game at the store, if the disc seems to be defective.
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    I don't know how likely this is, but I've had game discs in the past that would not work until I cleaned the surface with a very small amount of rubbing alcohol (too much can warp the disc). Sometimes after the manufacturing process there is a thin invisible residue that somehow messes up the disc's ability to be read.

    Again, no idea if that is the case with this disc, but it might be worth a shot, as it's worked for me in the past.
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