Are the other three episodes coming to iPad?

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I'm planning on getting an iPad at some point, so since The Last Resort is on sale now, I'll probably be picking it up (I've already bought a handful of titles for iPhone and iPad when they're on sale, despite the fact I don't have either yet).

I don't think I'll pick it up if the rest of the series is not coming out for it. It feels odd to only have one game in an episodic series for a system. I got the Tales of Monkey Island free Wii episode, and I feel the need to pick up the other 4 for this reason.

I see that the sale news mentions the rest of Tales of Monkey Island is coming soon, but doesn't mention anything about Wallace & Gromit (or Sam & Max).

I hope the fact this forum is now in the Classics section doesn't mean anything, since hopefully you owning the rights to the game means you still have the rights to release the game to other platforms. Otherwise that doesn't bode well for the people who voted for W&G in the Mac game duel last year.


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    They never promised the full series, plus WaG is the least episodic of the Telltale series.
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    It looks like they are not going to do it. Alan has confirmed that they have no plans to finish the series on iPad. It could still happen but I wouldn't count on it.
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