The Legendary Bone Fan Art

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I was going to post this in the Bone fan art thread, but I was very surprised to find there wasn't one here.


Here's a mockup of an Eyes of the Storm game cover. If there is one series that really needs to be continued it's Bone. They stopped at Book Two, which is a shame because I read the rest of the story after Telltale lost the rights to Bone, and it gets really good from Eyes of the Storm onward.

Hopefully with Telltale's current commercial success and relationships with big studios, they'll be able to get the rights to make Bone games again once the Warner Bros. Bone movie comes out.


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    What a great idea for a thread! Hopefully it will help bring this forum back to life. I am going to advertise it in my signature, and perhaps add to it later!
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    Happy Year of the Dragon! I made a cake of The Great Red Dragon to celebrate the occasion! :D


    I also used this image for a card for the Telltale Deck 'o Cards Project. :)

    I made the cake in a round tin, so for the card I elongated the dragon and fixed his proportions a bit to make him look more like he did in Telltale's Games (and in the comics):

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