The Power of Monkey Island!


There mightn't be any new Monkey Island from Telltale, but over at my website, Nightlight Productions, I'm pleased to announce that part 2 of the radio play The Power of Monkey Island is now online!

Hope you enjoy it!

EDIT: Part 5 is now online!


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    The Power of Monkey Island continues with Part 3, and the trail of the zombie pirate LeChuck begins!

    The Power of Monkey Island, Part 3
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    Thanks for sharing. I might get into this some day.
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    Also, thanks for sharing. I've got a lot on my plate right now but I'll give it a listen sometime :)
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    Part 4 of the swashbuckling radio play 'The Power of Monkey Island' is now online!

    Listen in wonder as the trial of LeChuck continues, and Guybrush calls his second witness. Meanwhile, Carl the Swordmaster of Jambalaya Island visits the Voodoo Lady after a mysterious summons.

    Click here for the radio play
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    Hi, everyone

    After a bit of a hiatus (studies got in the way), Part 5 of The Power of Monkey Island is now online!

    In which Carl makes his triumphant return, and the trial of the evil zombie pirate LeChuck reaches its dramatic conclusion!

    The Power of Monkey Island, Part 05

    Feedback appreciated, hope you enjoy it.
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