Recruiting for a KQ fansite/rePlayQuest, a playthrough log

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I'm a total new-comer to the series.
Then how come I decided to open a KQ fan-site?

Please, don't be afraid of my long wall of text, I've tried my best to make this an interesting read.

I didn't learn about (and got to love) adventure gameing through classic games done by LucasArts/Sierra/InfoCom.
The games that introduced me to adventure gaming first were the polished point and clicked ones of the "dark age" of adventure games, like the Neverhood and Syberia.

So, now, that I've come to know and love LucasArt's classic games after I got introduced to S&M in 2006, I finally decided to give Sierra's classics a shot after TellTale's announcement.
After playing a little bit of the old AGI engine version of the 1st KQ game[1], I got hooked!

You may say I'm so easy to be pleased but no, I'm a person who can get annoyingly nitpicky about anything.

Have you ever been into a situation, where you're experiencing something new, and you get some interesting viewpoints of it from an inexperienced version of yourself perspective?, and you think: "God if I don't write these thoughts soon I'm going to forget them since I'll get used to this new experience"? Have you?

After I played [AGI Engine version of] KQ1, I got into that situation and started writing my play-through idea[2], they were IMO so weird and funny that I (inspired by the fictional Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network) decided to start sharing them via blogging while playing the game.
Thus thou the idea of a play-through-blog was born.

I named it "Discovering Daventry" since I was discovering it for the first time.
and that was 6 days ago ...
How many of you are playing the series for the 1st time or replaying due to the announcement?

OK, now that you guys are more than 2 at least (I'm assuming the least possible), So, I thought, well, why wouldn't I turn the (re)play-through-blog into a blog that everyone can share their play/replay-through-blogs?

I discussed the idea of the now "reDiscovering Daventry" play/replay-through-blog with Mix'n'Mojo's administrator, Gabez, so that if he can host such blog on their network. While he was in negotiations with the admins of the LucasArtsFans Network,[3] (whom later said they liked the idea) I came up with another idea.

I thought, to others the name "reDiscoveringDaventry" most probably brings the presumption that the website is a fansite/news-resource for the upcoming TellTale "reDiscovery" of the KQ's Daventry world.

So I told Gabez about the potential of the shiny name "" to be a complete fansite/news-resource for the old and upcoming KQ games/fan-games instead of a simple play/replay-through-blog.

He replied: "OK, open your website somewhere else for now ... so we can see what your website actually *is* and if it gains any attention. If it gains lots of attention and we like it, we'll host it"

The idea of the replay/play-through-blog is not dead yet, it's going to be a sub-domain of reDiscoveringDaventry named "rePlayQuest" and will be opened much sooner than the main site (hopefully in a week or so).

So here I am ... recruiting people to join me on a yet to be made reDiscoveringDaventry hosted by some free web-host and domain suffix by a free domain.

For reDiscoveringDaventry, I'm looking for volunteer talented writers, editors and Wordpress designers.
Let's hear you out volunteers and *also* let's discuss the look and feel of the website and it's structure.
I'm working on it's look for now myself and how it's going to work.

For rePlayQuest, I'm looking for wordpress-designer for this blog as well if anyone's interested.

[1] - I don't mind playing old graphic adventures, to the point that I actually kind of dislike Sierra's own remake of the first game!
[2] - the ideas that came to my mind after playing a 1~3 minute taking segment of the game.
[3] - on which Mix'n'Mojo is hosted on


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    This is an interesting idea. It's cool that you have discovered the joys of old school adventure gaming :). I'm not really skilled enough in these areas to help. I am interested to see what you do with it though :).
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    ^ Well, If you're planning to re-play *any* of the King's Quest games, you can join the replay/play-through-blog ...

    I'm installing on the website for now.
    Still no-one wants to join? King's Quest fans have the power of making such amazing web-sites (aside from the great games) and yet, no-one willing to join?
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    Have not created the website completely yet, but at least I finished working on the Header image, see it for yourself:

    Well, What do you think?

    I don't know if I should use it on the main site or the replay-through blog ... it seems to work on both, but I don't think using it for both is ... well ... good looking and gives the impression that the web-master is lazy :p What do you think? where should I use it?
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    Did you make it yourself? It looks really good. It just needs a title or something on the left.
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    Yeah. I did. Thanks :)
    Except obviously the drawing which it from Alice in Wonderland illustrated by Sir John Tenneil ... in case anyone didn't know ... sorry if anyone's offended ...

    Except from colouring and putting the (AGI)King's Quest 1's opening title card on the door, I fixed the shadow on the door.
    Did all that manually by editing pixels (not by copying and pasting) using GIMP
    It just needs a title or something on the left.
    Actually it does have a header when it's put on the blog ... using the theme K2 for Wordpress, the blog's title will be super-imposed on the image.
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    Excellent idea. King's Quest VI was my first and favourite adventure game, and I never thought about fansites like this one.
    Anyways, I would be happy to participate to both ReDiscoveringDaventry and RePlayQuest (I also know how to use Wordpress).
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    zisco wrote: »
    Excellent idea. King's Quest VI was my first and favourite adventure game, and I never thought about fansites like this one.
    Anyways, I would be happy to participate to both ReDiscoveringDaventry and RePlayQuest (I also know how to use Wordpress).
    A volunteer! Great! :D
    Happy you can join us me! :p
    Let's discuss what we can do in a PM I'll send you soon.

    As for the status of the websites, I'm still working on installing Wordpress ... and for rePlayQuest [which is going to be a separate site due to some problems with my free hosting service] trying to write a nice welcome letter, F.A.Q and a "how to find KQ" page for people who don't know where to find the game
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    I'm here to announce that this is not dead!
    I'm still working on it and hopefully you'll hear about it soon :)
    In case you're interested in participating, Send me a PM.
    Also, The domain name won't be "". It'll hopefully be a much better one! Stay tuned!

    EDIT: Thank you mods for the rename :)
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