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I hope this is the good place for that thread. I've played the demo but I must say I'd rather know before if there is a chance to see localized version, maybe not fully localized, but at least foreign subtitles. I'm french, I'm not bad in english (I think), but I'm not the only one in France, and I think it might come to much more player with translations.

Anything on that matter ?




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    Yea i think the same...

    I'm from germany and I would also like to see localized versions.

    I also think most people in many countrys don't know of the game ...
    Perhaps TellTale should made some advertisement in the game magazines of those countrys... For germany in PC Games or GameStar for example...

    The best would be if Bone would be available in stores...
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    Yeah, I am from Spain and here there are a lot of graphic adventure fans. With the subtitles in spanish, the game could sell a lot in Spain...
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    I'm from europe, germany, too.

    I hadn't preferred to play in a localized version. English fits just fine and funny for this game!

    On the other hand, why not? There are many kids around here in europe and usally they don't speak or understand english. Maybe telltalegames builds and distribute a dual language schoolar BONE collection(english/spain, ...)? So kids from foreign countries can learn english and have fun! I still remember when i was school ... damn f***ing english lessons, how boaring!
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    So ?

    Is there someone from TTG who can answer ?
    Will there an european version planned ? Or at least european languages subtitiles ?
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    yeah it would be great, english speaking people are not the only one interested in that game I think ;) I4ve got many questions on that matters here in France.

    An answer would be welcome.
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    I totally agree with that!

    If no plans on localization are done, is it possible to provide the dialogue tree for 'freelance-localization'? I don't know if this localization feature can be included in the game, because if one has to download a multilingual game, it's a lot more data to download...

    ... but still, I know Bioware offers the dialogue files (dialog.tlk) of Neverwinter Nights for download in order to play these in your own language in Linux, so if the subtitles are in a different file than the spoken dialogue, it could be possible to enable that, right?

    I do own the french version of the comic, so I 'could' technically translate it, but if there's no way to enable it... ^^
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    Hi everybody!! Does anybody know about plans doing language files for bone I ? I am from Germany and know people who would love to play this game but are not able to play it in English :(

    So if maybe someone from TTG could give a statement, just very quickly?

    Thanks, Tom

    I started playing it yesterday and think it is great! Especially the point and click interface is very nice! bye.
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    English is my first language but I have to support people on this. It's a well known fact that adventure games are quite popular in Europe (which is why many adventure games originate from there) and it's no use arguing whether it's wrong or right for Europeans and others without English as their first language to want to play a game in their native language.

    The point is that many, Europeans especially, do want to play games in their native language to the point they may refuse to play a game if it's not in their native language. I appreciate that at this time it may not be feasible to hire a team to do the localisation, even just a subtitle one of the quality TellTale expects especially since this is a comic title.

    But surely you could, as others have suggested, make the script accessible for other to translate. I appreciate you may be afraid a crappy translation will put players off but all you need to do is make a system to ensure players are aware this is not an official translation. And really, you'd be surprised at how well the fan base can translate for you when they want to!

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