King's Quest Forum Guidelines (Please read before creating new threads)

edited March 2011 in Kings Quest Game
Welcome to the board for Telltale's upcoming King's Quest title! Here are a few things we'd like you to keep in mind before creating a new discussion thread.

First off, please make sure a similar thread doesn't already exist. This forum isn't that large yet, so this shouldn't be too difficult, and we do have a search function. We mods have to track down and merge duplicate threads, so not only does not posting duplicate threads keep the forums less cluttered and running more smoothly, it makes it much easier for us to keep track of things.

Second, remember that this game is still pretty far off at this point, and we know virtually nothing about it except that it's in development. Until some official word comes out, take everything you read on here about the upcoming game with a grain of salt, and try to stick to the speculation thread if you have something to say about this upcoming game. We're trying to shift speculation to one dedicated thread, as so many threads about what may or may not happen in a game we don't know anything about just serve to clutter up the board right now.

As more information about the game comes out, we'll be updating these guidelines, so be sure to check back whenever the thread has been updated. Enjoy your stay in the King's Quest board!
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