What are some of your favorites moments/things from the King's Quest series?

It's a safe bet that if you're here, you enjoy King's Quest.

But what are some of the specific things you love from certain games?

In King's Quest I - I loved riding the condor and finding the underground area with the Leprechauns. I don't know why - at the time, I just thought it was fun to catch a ride on a bird and find a previously unreachable part of Daventry.

In King's Quest IV - I loved how there were Day and Night cycles.... it really added to the mood, and I liked how some things could only be done at night.

I really enjoyed the jaunt into the desert in KQV..... I thought it was pretty cool, getting into that temple (That looked like the temple from Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.)

And, of course, in King's Quest III - when you turn Manannan into a cat? Wow.... I felt such a sense of accomplishment and relief when I did that for the first time!

These are just a few of my favorite moments. What moments made the games special for you?


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    The minotaur labyrinth from KQVI stands out to me. I remember being slightly scared of that as a small child. I also like the part with the dragon in KQ1.
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    Kings Quest 1 - pushing the rock to reveal the dagger, while standing on the wrong side and getting crushed by the rock.
    That's the first thing I did in the game, and the first death I encountered... and I had to laugh out loud, which I very rarely do... as the death is so completely random and unfair.
    One of the things that should be annoying, but is instead one of the things I love about these old Sierra games (same with flushing the toilet in LSL1 etc).

    Kings Quest 2 - I was never very impressed with this game, so my favourite moment is when you look inside that hole after flying up on that cliff using the magic carpet... when the game suddenly gives you a little promo showing various scenes from Space Quest 1. That's another thing I like about old Sierra games, how they would so often reference other games.

    Kings Quest 3 - been so long since I played this one by now, I seem to have forgotten quite a bit.
    But I'll probably have to agree with the first poster and say the part where you finally get rid of that really annoying wizard... that felt like a nice accomplishment and you all of a sudden got a feeling of freedom you hadn't had up until that point.

    Kings Quest 4 - I really enjoyed the whole part with the old house and the various ghosts... digging up graves and all that. Quite an atmospheric part that, didn't expect that from a Kings Quest game.

    Kings Quest 5 - exploring the desert is the most memorable part for me in this game. The reason being that way back when I originally played this game, that was the very first time I had actually mapped out part of a game... up until that part, if a game required me to do something like that, I had just skipped it and stopped playing the game. But Kings Quest 5 had me so hooked that I had no choice but to start mapping... and then I found I enjoyed the process quite a bit.
    Nice feeling of discovery when you found the various special areas spread around the desert, and it was a great feeling of accomplishment once I had mapped it all out... especially being the first time.

    Kings Quest 6 - I loved the catacombs part. I really liked how the game would warn you before entering, signalling that entering this place without bringing the correct items would result in a dead end... so having to prepare for that part and then finally deciding I had what I needed (well basically not finding anything else in the game to pick up/do) and entering... that was pretty cool.
    And the place itself was atmospheric and felt quite 'dark'... there's no doubt this game is the darkest in the series.

    Kings Quest 7 - I don't like any of this game, but if I had to pick which part I dislike the least... maybe I'd have to pick the very first chapter, in the desert there. The reason being that, even though this part is also pretty childish in many ways, I seem to remember it was still the chapter with the least of all that sickening, childish (in a bad way), Disney inspired junk the rest of the game is filled with.

    Kings Quest 8 - didn't really like any of this game either, but one of the few moments I remember is when you talk to the Unicorn while it's still cursed and looks like a monster... though I know my interpretation here is wrong, I always found it a bit funny how your character addresses the creature in such a 'rude' manner... forgot the line exactly, but 'pathetic beast' something.
    It's obvious the character in the game does not mean it in a rude way, but even so, when hearing it, it's hard not to think of it like that right away.
    Other than that, probably the entire first chapter is the part I like the most... as this is the chapter that I find the most resembles what I think of as a 'classic' Kings Quest world.
    Meaning it appears like a real place, a real little town... many of the other worlds felt too much like 'levels' and not real places, if you know what I mean.
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    Finally making it to the island in KQ1 for the final treasure was a joy. Also, finally managing to triumph over the dessert in KQ5. Or even the dark forest shortly after. It was such a great feeling to beat that old witch after so many times of being turned into a frog or so many times of her mocking me as I wandered lost in her forest, because, you know, she owns it...speaking of which, the banter between them was also spectacular and fun. Graham was wonderfully sarcastic towards her while the witch just remained creepy and trying to keep her sense of superiority over the situation by mocking Graham.

    Finally getting to the snowy mountains was another. That was a huge experience to finally overcome. Everything I enjoyed as my favourite moments were basically overcoming the looming obstacles each game threw at me. The feeling of progression after all the time spent beforehand. Like the change of day to night in KQ4. Really felt like you were headed somewhere after a long journey. Fantastic feeling.
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    You remind me of one more highlight of KQ5 for me - the game has such wonderful graphics.
    I'd say KQ5 has better looking graphics than any other Kings Quest game, and many other (even many later) Sierra VGA games as well.
    And they're so very varied, with several beautifully drawn screens even for areas you only spend very little time in.

    Kings Quest 5 is in many ways the 'ultimate' VGA game for me, it's just gorgeous.
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    Armakuni wrote: »
    You remind me of one more highlight of KQ5 for me - the game has such wonderful graphics.
    I'd say KQ5 has better looking graphics than any other Kings Quest game, and many other (even many later) Sierra VGA games as well.
    And they're so very varied, with several beautifully drawn screens even for areas you only spend very little time in.

    Kings Quest 5 is in many ways the 'ultimate' VGA game for me, it's just gorgeous.

    What enchances KQ5's beauty is that EVERYTHING on the screen is drawn and painted down to the least little crack and detail--even things that don't matter, or scenery like rocks and trees. You can literally see tiny cracks in rocks, or little grains of sand. There's more attention paid to little details in the art of KQ5 than probably any other Sierra VGA game.

    For example look at how detailed everything, even minor things, in the foreground and background are:
    kq5newcd6.pngKQ6 doesn't have nearly as much detail or dedication in it's artwork.
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    KQ3: Turning Manannan into a cat had a sense of real accomplishment.

    KQ4: I liked the day/night change and the subsequent change in mood.

    KQ5: I liked the KQ5 theme music while flying at the beginning.

    KQ6: I liked the bump/stick conversation, the "magic smap"; talking to Cassima through the door on the short route (has an exposed feeling that someone could find you at any moment); and the Realm of the Dead area- I liked the mirror sequence with the lord of the dead, and most especially I liked being able to visit and explore, while alive, the room that you are taken to over and over whenever you die.

    KQ7: I liked being able to finally play as Valanice; talking to the mockingbird until he repeats himself and yet still talking to him for laughs; realizing that the Falderal gate has a guard post physically attached and forever blocking it from acutally being an entrance; scaring the children while posing as Lady Tsepish; I got to where I really liked Dr. Cadaver and was pleased at being able to talk to him as both characters.
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