All I can say is WOW KQ going on new or old? I wonder!! ode to telltale?!

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Will ken and roberta be involved in any way, or wait its boating season!

This is just insane,
" insane murmurs about the awesomeness that is telltale" aka ode to telltale

To start with modest cartoons of the bone, high upon his mighty throne.
Head down south and Texas held em' tight on a cold csi night...
Off with their heads!!! to the insane and bombastic
Sam & Max, Strong Bad and Scoggins !FANTASTIC!

To the era of the monkey and the dough eyed Gromit ....
Back into the future! (and back again!)
This is now starting to make even my head spin!

Now we arrive at the precipice of genius.
The bewildering entity that is Telltale.... continues to bewilder

To announce the next park of the dinosaurs and the fables of yore
Hector and half dead things coming for MORE!!! (I'm only mostly dead)
And in the end I believe I missed only one
Kings quest is just so .... BLEEPING fun !!!

Here is to a great com uppin's!!!
and my ode to telltale.(hope some fans or insane people like me enjoy rambling at times)

I cant believe you guys are just always so.. awesome


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    aw no one likes?(many views no replies!) grrr
    it was written off the top of the head not like, worked on for weeks lol

    sheesh oh well I thought it was neat :P
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    You're not starting or contributing to an argument so people here get bored too quickly.
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    What wilco64256 said. The Telltale Cheerleading Squad probably isn't going to attract as many followers in this forum as it does in the others. ;)
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    ROGER wilco!
    and thom :P
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