Please bring to psn

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I own all three consoles and currently on my ps3 i have all the telltale games available save for the Monkey Island series and this, which i dont own. Id love for this to come to the psn SOON because like to keep all the episodic games on my ps3 cuz my xbox 360 is out of space and 2...the xbla games STILL total over $40. Id be happy to pay 15-20 for the bundle on psn asap! Please listen telltale! I love your games and cant wait for all your future releases but my gf is a HUGE wallace and gromit fan and we need you to port this asap. Thanks xbla gamertag- emo1981ver2 psn- emo1981ver2


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    It wont make it to PSN for a while due to damn hack!
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