Will this get a release on PS3?

Just wondering if this game will get a release on the PS3 like BTTF and Monkey island did?


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    Personally, I can't speak for TellTale, but I doubt it. it's a very short adventure game. Shorter than what we are used to from TellTale. Bear in mind though this game was not originally produced by Telltale, but they have control from the remaining episodes.
    There is no direct control over the main character either, it's old school point and click so wouldn't be too great with a controller.

    If you have either a PC/Mac or an iDevice just get it on there.
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    Thanks for the reply, I was quick to buy Tales and BTTF before they got a PS3 release and i'm a bit of a trophy geek so didn't want to rush into buying this for PC, but with no PS3 release in sight I'll probably just order it on here when i've got the spare cash.
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    Telltale does always say that they want to get their games out on as many platforms as possible. They've been releasing a lot of their games on PSN lately, so the probability of a PSN release is pretty high.

    That said, with the exception of Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse, the games have all been released on PSN at least a few months later.
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    That would REEALLLLYY make my day if it did!
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    Remember that Telltale is only the publisher of this game; I think it would be up to the original developer whether or not this makes the jump to a home console.
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