Have you replayed any of the episodes yet?

I got all of the SBCG4AP when they first came out for the wii. I just replayed through all of them within the past month, and I have to say, it was FANTASTIC. Telltale has made these games complicated and fun enough that I completely forgot about some parts of each episode - what a blast it was to relearn each game and catch other small things that I didn't see before (like the Sam and Max playing card)

It was refreshing to say the least. Here's hoping that they're at least thinking about coming out with another season! If not, it was a good run. SBCG4AP got me looking into Sam and Max and other telltale games, and I've been morphed into quite the point-and-click adventure gamer chick. Thanks!


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    I haven't replayed any of the episodes yet, but I might now that I'm on parental leave from work for ten weeks. I think it's one of the best seasons Telltale Games has made, and I'm going to try to get all the costumes next time I play it.
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    I'm just dabbling in replaying the first episode, Homestar Ruiner, these past few weeks, and yes, I've been enjoying it greatly. I also missed little things along the way on my first go -- never tried the Teen Girl Squad comic with the additional story elements found later on, never failed in so many interesting ways while trying to steal Homestar's police record.
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    Once I'd got through the first episode, I found the rest really entertaining.
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