Polish and spanish

Hi there,

I managed to google the sentence that Hector says to Slobjev (http://www.anglik.net/polish_phrases.htm) but there's another thing that Slobjev says which I didn't catch. Anyone?

Does someone know what the terrorist says in spanish in the advertisement movie?



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    Hector to Slobjev: "Your eyes are like two moons" (then Hector gets snaped)
    When Hector leaves the station Slobjev says: "He runs his own company" (?!?)
    BTW, Slobjev's accent doesn't sound Polish at all - more like Russian. Hector's accent is a bit better, but that's still not Polish : ) and Slobjev doesn't look like a Polish name nor surname - most of Polish surnames end with -ski (male) or -ska (female). And there's no "v" in polish language.
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