King's Quest Omnipedia and other Sierra Wikis.

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Hello, this is Baggins from King's Quest Omnipedia.

I'm not sure how many know about this yet. I thought I'd give links to several Sierra related wikis for old fans, and new fans alike. I hope it can be of help.

The first is the King's Quest Omnipedia, it is a one stop source for almost everything there is to know about King's Quest. If it isn't there, let us know! It should be helpful for anyone new to the series wanting learn about the history of King's Quest, and history of the game universe. It includes everything from official sources to fan games! Game development and lore!

King's Quest Omnipedia

At the bottom of the intro page are several links to related wikis connected to many Sierra franchies such as the Sierra wiki, the Space Quest Omnipedia, Police Quest, Gabriel Knight, etc. If you have played these series or want to learn more about them, these are the places to go. Note some of the wikis are quite new, and need alot of work. So any help is appreciated.

Have fun, and I can't wait to try out this new King's Quest series with you all!

Also check out;
Space Quest Omnipedia, for all things Space Quest.

Police Quest Omnipedia, for information about Police Quest and the SWAT series.

Quest for Glory Omnipedia, for information about the Quest for Glory series.

Gabriel Knight Omnipedia, for information about the Quest for Glory series.

Follow the links at the bottom of each for further wikis related to EcoQuest, Conquests, Laura Bow, Leisure Suit Larry, Phantasmagoria, Shivers, and other classic Sierra IPs.


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    Hello, Baggins, and welcome! I actually know you as 'Baggins from the King's Quest and Quest for Glory Omnipedias.'
    Thank you for telling us about the Conquests wiki! It has many more pages than I expected, and I will certainly take further looks at it.
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    Thank you very much, I hope you enjoy!
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    Ok I recently started a Freddy Pharkas Omnipedia, if anyone want to help!
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