please put wallace & gromit on psn

can we please have a psn version because im looking for some good psn games and i got wallace and gromit for pc and i loved it so i throught to myself if this ever goes on psn im getting it and i seen strong bad's cool game for attractive people on it and then i remembered it came out in 2008 the same year when wallace and gromit came out so i just through maybe wallace and gromit will be out too also can we get sam and max season 1 and 2 and now heres a few suggestions for wallace and gromit on psn

1. since theres only 4 episodes make it a fair price like £10/$10

2.put loads of good trophys into it like in episode 1 when you got to break the cheese tracking robot out of jail the trophy could be called cracking prison break lad

3.put a good demo in the playstation store

so please put it in the playstation store


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