How to run with XBOX 360 controller ?!?

I'm playing PC version. PC controls are diabolically bad so I'm using an X360 controller which works relatively well. What button do I need to press to run? ? ? :confused:

Thanx in advance


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    Hold B. However, most of the time he just walks a little quicker, rather than runs.

    Use LB and RB to cycle through the items on screen - those buttons are invaluable.
  • lightning response cheers man!
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    if you haven't already tried using both controllers at once it is amazing.. left hand with the xbox controller to move and right hand on mouse for interacting with objects / people
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    I really can't stand Telltale's insane treatment of these controls on a PC. I kind of get that they moved away from point and click to a more controller focused thing, but this game controls horribly with mouse and keyboard, and YOU CAN'T PLAY IT WITH A CONTROLLER ONLY.
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