Monkey Island: The Play

Spotted this today whilst reading about the Edinburgh Fringe Festival:

"UWE Drama Society and G.I.T.S are bringing two new adaptations of outstanding comedy classics to the Fringe. In the final week of the festival, we invite you to follow the hilarious beginnings of Guybrush Threepwood in his quest to become a mighty pirate. The Secret of Monkey Island is based on the best-selling computer game of the same name and adapted by Peter Kimball-Evans. Join Guybrush as he buckles swashes, shivers timbers, discovers Grog and competes for the affections of the beautiful governess Elaine Marley against the heinous and not-quite-dead Ghost-Pirate LeChuck. Rated Arrrrrr!"

heres the link:

How i wish I was in Edinburgh to see this :(, just been on holiday so can't afford to go!
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