Roberta Wiliams's name on King's Quest: Mask of Eternity.

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While looking through some of the behind the scenes videos and documents I came across a very early concept art/title poster. It is shown in the KQ8.AVG promo video in the King’s Quest Anthology. This poster shows a very different look for the Mask, and not only lacks Roberta’s name, but goes as far to remove King’s Quest from the main billing (the video was released around the time Bob Davidson was CEO Holiday 1996, when he was trying to control the development of KQ8 and censor it of violence and other things). This was also the time Roberta was apparently intending to pull her name from the project due to loss of control, as the Davidsons team of managers were told to ignore Roberta and create the game their own way.

The marquee calls the game ;
"Mask of Eternity: From the world of King's Quest™"


Moving into the second phase of the game, around Spring 1997 (by now Roberta had regained her control, Bob was gone), they worked on a second prototype for the game title and boxart;


This boxart switched the mask to the version seen in the final game. The title King's Quest was added above a rather prominent, 'MASK' with 'of Eternity' placed under that. Its interesting to note that the King's Quest on this box appears to be in the classic KQ font used in KQ5, KQ6, and KQ7, and the upcoming Telltale KQ. This box also appears to leave off Roberta William's name.

However, one should note that promobox art for KQ7 also left off KQ, Roberta's name and even the number in early versions. So this should not be looked into too hard.
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