OT: Excalibur (1981 film)

Anyone love this film? And would anyone like to play a KQ game with the same kind of feel?


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    It's been a while since I watched it last, but yeah, I've always liked that film. I used to read a lot of Arthurian literature and as for movies on the Matter of Britain, Excalibur is one of my favorites. It's a subject that can be done dark and bloody or light-hearted and whimsical. In trying to imagine a video game with the same kind of feel as Excalibur, though, my first thought is that I'm probably going to want a sword in my hand, a chase camera, and lots of enemies to decapitate! :D
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    Love the film. Wouldn't play a KQ game like it. It's not King's Quest Material.

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    KQ8 already did the 'Arthurian' thing (Grail/Mask, Sword of the Lake/Lady of the Lake, meets a wizard & his familiar, hero that has a lowly peasant position in society, and rises to nobility)... It doesn't really need to be done again?

    Even KQ5 already did the whole Merlin/Archimedes thing...
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