Stricter Enforced Policies on Sierra Wikis

edited September 2011 in Kings Quest Game
I publicly issue this warning that self promotion of fan games will no longer be tolerated on the King's Quest Omnipedia (or all Sierra omnipedias) (it's been a rule, but loosely enforced, and only minor warnings given). Few seem to keep things objective, and it often devolves into self biased promotion (breaking the NPOV policies). The omnipedia is not a place for free advertisement. If people don't abide by this, the administration will be strict!

Essentially, the only reference to fan games or fan fiction will appear as a link from the main pages as Fan Material. This will then open up a secondary 'main page' devoted to everything related to fan games and fan fiction.

Secondly, information on fan material will be restricted in most pages (that is any page devoted to officially published material/articles/professional reviews/etc). Fan material should only be linked from between fan articles... Fan articles should have a distinct heading pointing out that they are fan articles as well...

This is blanket policy will affect all communities equally!

Thank you for your respect!
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