Where have my save games gone

Hi All

Can anyone give me a clue. I have played to the middle of chapter 3 and now all my save games are gone. It would be great if someone had a save game to lend me or some indication of how the game can be fixed.




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    Good luck in solving this.

    Currently I am on web-enabled 64 bit m/c, but can't be arsed to turn off/switch to 32 bit drive.

    Most days UK morning I share all Monkey Island 1-5 PC save-postions on fine great easy SoulSeek.

    Did the Monkey 1 and 2 fantastic cheap £7.99 for both - amazon - DVD PC games about 10 days ago (20 years after first doing them on Amiga...), and remember looking about in USERS-Application Data- etc ...

    Good luck - if I remember next time I am on D: drive, will tell you exactly ...

    Meanwhile ....

    As I said, save pos. available most UK mornings SoulSeek ...
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