Beyond Reasonable Doom reviews thread (suspected spoilers)

I've enjoyed all the episodes this season but this one was longer and was more fitting as a closing episode. The humour wasn't as forced as other episodes and felt more natural. The progressing storyline was perfect.

I haven't got any complaints to make whatsoever. 10/10 from me.


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    I just finished it. I think this series has been absolutely hilarious! I have to say I was snickering more per minute than even on Sam and Max or Monkey Island (which is saying something!) (I think the very British humour helped (me being a Brit.)) My Dad was watching the last bit over my shoulder (and he was laughing nearly as much as me) - and we both kept thinking - oh, this is the end. But no, it just kept going. I wasn't sure about the first bit, it seemed a bit rushed and a bit linear (compared to episode 2), but I think the extended climax was well worth it (far too many games - though none of Telltale's, thankfull - have a rather pants ending.)

    I liked the puzzles, they were just about my level. I had to resort to using the hints a few time; but I liked the fact that I didn't even have to leave the game to do so, and that even they were really funny! Mostly it was my usual failing, missing that one tag. If I had one suggestion for a sequel, it would be a button to highlight all the interactables, like ToMI had.

    I would really like to hope there is a sequel, because that was fantastic. And at that price? Damn. Seriously, one of the best approximate tenners I've ever spent!

    I definately agree on the 10/10.
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    Diduz wrote: »

    From my point of view that moment stands with the best moments of Day of the Tentacle! :)
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    Absolutely hysterical, every moment of it. And not a puzzle out of place. I'd definitely buy a second series in a heartbeat.
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    So good. So, so good.

    This is on par with Telltale's best. Appropriate they're the publishers, I guess.
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    Agreed on nothing out of place for the franchise, but did anyone notice a slight Great Cow Race (Bone) feel to Clapfest?
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    I loved it I hope there's a season 2.
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    well, they would have an idea for a season 2. It could be about the "Thing"! Remember that? And i absolutely loved the avocade part!
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    "Avocado" was the best adventure game moment I've had in a long time.

    Great stuff, rather sad to see it end and would definitely be up for another project from these guys!
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    I've just finished playing through ep3 again and noticed a few interesting tidbits in the credits:

    Straandlooper staff aren't itemised but Telltale's are
    One of the writers is Dave Grossman
    "Based on an idea by Straandlooper", blah
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    Fantastic game, would love to see another season.
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    I finished Hector 2 and 3. They were much better than 1. The raunchy humor seemed genuinely funny now rather than just feeling like it was tacked on.

    It was great that they made Lambert playable too, and that Hector and Lambert had to share objects between each other. The second game felt like Day of the Tentacle in that respect, since communication and object sharing between Hector and Lambert had to be set up, and after that they couldn't interact directly, but through communication through a toilet and sharing objects to each other.

    If the second game was like DoTT, the third game felt a little like Maniac Mansion, since Hector and Lambert could communicate directly but they both had different skills that had to be used to accomplish their goals.

    The games both still had bugs, but they were very minor (the only one I saw in 2 was a one pixel bar across the screen at the meat truck scene and in 3 Hector's shirt some times changed back to the hospital gown when he was talking at the fair).
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    I see many people like this series, and for those of you looking for a good time, be sure to take that into account. But perhaps it might help to hear from the other side, too.

    I disliked this game immensely. I figured I had paid for all three episodes, so I better play them, even though the first one was 2 parts annoyance and 1 part humor. I kept hoping it would get better, but it seemed there was more energy put into the humor, and less into naturally flowing plot point puzzles.

    Too many times I would try something and it not work, then found out I was doing the right thing at the wrong time or trying something with the wrong person. [For example: You can't go into the woods now, but maybe you can later. or You can't pick this up now, but later you might be allowed to pick it up.] It became very frustrating and soon became another "don't think - just click click click and eventually something might happen" game.

    As for the British humor, I found it more annoying than funny. If you love Monty Python (or are British and "get it") then maybe this is for you. Otherwise, perhaps the great minds at Telltale could create a "British to American" humor option so every "blimey" and "bugger" and "tosser" would quietly go away.

    Hey, I'm just one man with one opinion, but consider yourself warned. I couldn't click fast enough to get through episode 2 so I could at least look at episode 3, and then when I saw it got no better (if not worse) I uninstalled it after an hour of play and considered it a win.

    You've been warned!
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    Jagfred wrote: »
    I see many people like this series, and for those of you looking for a good time, be sure to take that into account. But perhaps it might help to hear from the other side, too.
    I don't mean to get in an argument, but why did you buy the game in the first place? A large part of what you're complaining about is there in the trailer: this is a somewhat old-fashioned point-and-click adventure with an emphasis on British humour.
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