Monkey Island offical Grog bottle

I was looking online for Monkey Island Merchandise and I found a monkey Island Promo grog bottle. someone was selling it in a forum but it was dated on the post in 2005.

I wanted to get the voodoo doll of Guybrush but theres no luck in the UK :(

I'm gunna try and get my hands on the Monkey Island statue from the first game

does anyone know anywhere to purchase these stuff and other monkey island goodies?


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    I always thought iit would be cool to have some "Monkey Island Root Beer", the stuff that kills Le Chuck. I would buy a few bottles. :D

    Reminds me a bit on this.


    Duff Beer, known from the Simpsons. You get this only in europe. Cause its not authorized by Groening or Fox. But thei're allowed to sell it around here.

    Sorry, thats not advertising, i just think its funny. ^^

    The Duff Beer includes alcohol. I think thats Groenings problem. Cause lot of kids are watching the simpsons, so lots of kids want to drink that beer. :-/

    Is it true, that there's "Duff Beer" in US-Stores, too? Heard something like that. But i heard over there its a non alcoholic energy-drink or something.
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