Deluxe edition available?


Long story short i've really been taking my sweet time to order my TOMI deluxe edition....

I've been trying to order it here

but each time i click add to cart or buy now it does a sort of mini-load and says my cart is empty :( it just won't go in! Is it the same for you guys?

Anyone know if it's available or if its just internet gremlins?

Cheers :D


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    I guess, you are a little late for that. There is not much merchandise left. Take a look at the Telltale Store page.
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    Where do you live? I live in Australia and I've noticed some retail stores here stock the deluxe edition. Not sure if they still have it on the site though...
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    There's always Ye Bay Ebay.
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    Well, you could also try with Zavvi. I've bought it a week ago, and I've received it today!
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