The sibilants are haunting me

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Well I just joined the other day and got Thorn and Phony. That should be all the sibilants in the set unless one of the pothum kidth has a lithp and just doesn't thpeak much. ;)

Help appreciated.

Jus one thing I wonder about: There are eight cards to collect, but there are ten sections of the picture to unlock. Is this like the old riddle with hot dogs and buns or what?

Oh, and I didn't get 3:-O Grandma 3:-O Ben 3:-O at the latest handout. But then she's just one of the coolest old ladies in comics ever, right? 8-}


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    Help was given. Check your e-mail.
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    Trade you Smiley or Fone for Thorn.
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    I've got them all now but I'll let you pull a Thorn from my paw anyway.

    :)) :)) HAH! I MADE A FUNNY! :)) :))

    ...What are you guys staring at??? [:-"]
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