New Josh Mandel video interview (Matt Chat)

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Matt Chat is a really good video game related channel I subscribe to on Youtube, and this week he put up a video interview he did with Josh Mandel.
This is only the first part, he will add subsequent parts every week (I assume, it's how he normally does these things).

Here's the first part -
Matt Chat 119: Josh Mandel's Early Days
Matt Chat wrote:
How did Josh Mandel transition from a life of theater, stage comedy, and advertising to become one of Sierra's star designers? In this first segment, Josh and I chat about his background and his thoughts on the transition from parser-based adventures to point-and-clicks.


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    Josh is awesome! Great guy to talk to, even about non-Sierra stuff, nice person.
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    That was a nice interview. It's sad to hear about all those adventure game related items that were lost to the hurricane! I felt his comments on the move to point and click were interesting as well, and reminded me of why I always liked the parser interface more.
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    Lost design documents :(...
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    I'm sadden to hear about Mandel's loss and it goes the show the importance of having an archive for gaming materials! Don't let what happened to silent film happen to early games!

    Great interview otherwise, Josh Mandel is an absolute icon in adventure games... and I really enjoyed The Laffer Utilities. So :P
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