Lots of bugs in all versions.... Very dissapointed!

I was a fan of the hector game when the first episode was released.

Now I see Hector is back and I bought it on iTunes for my ipod touch 2nd gen.
Unfortunately it kept crashing after half an hour into the game. Stuttering etc.
So that was some money wasted.

Then I tried it on my macbook, but all the views on startup and ingame were all flickering.

Finally I resorted to playing this game on my PC, and now in the restaurant I get all black images where animations should be and the game also crashed when I pressed the question mark...

I want to play this game, but it's a bugridden thing... Please do something about this. Never had so much trouble with a game!!


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    Have you been overclocking your GPU or CPU by any chance?

    I got the black square no animation thing but then realised my GPU was running OC'ed so I set it back to normal and all was good.

    Maybe it might help if you post some specs about your PC and what drivers you are using.
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    I have nothing overclocked, I use win7 64 bit, core 2 quad processor, and nvidia 9600GT card with newest drivers: 280.26
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    Best post something in the Game support section then, the Mac flickering issue has been fixed which you would of known had you gone there first.
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    Didn't get any bugs on my PC, just a little difficulty convincing the game that I legally purchased the last two episodes.
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    just like to add my 2 cents; horribly horribly buggy on my Ipod touch (bought during current sale.) Disappointing tell tale.
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