Difficult puzzles: Yay or Nayy?

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which side are you on? I must say I like those difficult puzzles..that make no sense..that get you frustrated..that get you stuck for days..thinking scratching your head..making you do strange things in a game just for a solution.. at times it can be frustrating but when you finally figure it out I find it that much more rewarding.. what do you think?


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    Overall I would have to agree with you. But I really don't like it when there seems to be a perfectly logical solution that is possible to perform in the context of the game but that you're not allowed to do this because the programmers want you to do something bizarre instead.
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    I totally agree with you. But even if it is hard to find and takes you days to figure it, the solution must remain somewhat logical. I remember a puzzle in MI2 involving a monkey that was beyond any logic...
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    I'm all for difficult puzzles, as long as 1) they make sense and 2) the answer that the programmer has in mind isn't too obscure. It's so frustrating when you have an item that would work, but the guys behind the game have something else in mind (and don't let you know through a "That might work but maybe not" message). A prime example would be Discworld (although I don't have anything against the game itself - it's still hilarious)...

    Thankfully, Bone falls into none of these pitfalls, and the puzzley middle section of the game was a refreshing series of tried-and-true adventure brain-teasers.
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