Soundtrack link broken?

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Is it just me or is the link for The Barrelhaven Tavern broken here? When I try to download it, the size is 34 KB.


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    Hey, you're right, it does that for me too. Funny, I've been able to download it with no problems before.
  • EmilyEmily Telltale Alumni
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    Oops. :(

    There was a hiccup with some of the web assets a few days ago, and that might have been affected. I'm not sure if anyone's around to fix it this weekend because of the holiday. If not, we'll get it up again on Tuesday. Thanks for letting us know.
  • JakeJake Telltale Alumni
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    Oops! That download link should work now (be sure to clear your cache if it still isn't working for you). Thanks for pointing it out!
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