Suggestion: Commentaries With Alternate Audio Tracks

I purchased the Deluxe Edition and have just beaten the game (which I loved) and just started watching the commentary videos that came with it. I have a suggestion, however, that I think the Telltale team should still do. I REALLY think they should re-upload the commentary videos so they have 2 audio tracks: one that is the commentary track, as currently heard, and the other audio track can be without the commentary (just the game sound as-is). There are ways to encode videos with 2 alternate audio tracks that you can alternate from on media players. The commentary track should be the first and default track, but it would be really, really nice if they had a track of the same video without it. Should be a fairly easy thing to do to the video files, and just reupload to replace what's currently available. It'll be a bigger download, yes, but it would be far less than uploading 2 versions of the same video.

Just a thought, I really hope you guys consider doing this. I think a lot of fans would love to have a version of the game just to watch, like a movie. Especially people, like myself, who consider the story even better than at least one if not both of the movie sequels. Just a thought!


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    1) I don't think it's really necessary to implement this; you might as well just play through the game. If there's more commentary to be added, then by all means, add another track, but not blank, default audio. On top of all that, that track's inclusion would depend on whether or not the standalone audio was recorded separately. If not, then the game would have to be replayed, following the exact cueing of the existing commentary video.

    2) I don't agree with making non-commentary audio the primary track for a download that is clearly labeled "Commentary".
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    You must have mis-read, for I clearly state that the commentary track SHOULD be the primary default track. ;) And I disagree, I still think it'd be a great idea.
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    I also think it'd be a great idea.

    Another option would be to create a new video with the game sound as-is, and the video without the interface (just like the iPad version is able to output on TV, which doesn't show which buttons you should press). Than it would really be a nice movie to just watch.
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    Early TTG had the option of playing the videos with the original games sound... I would love it if they went back to having that option.
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    Question: Does anyone else have a bad framerate for the video playback? I started watching and while the audio isn't stuttering, the framerate of the video is pretty bad. I'm wondering if this is just the way the video is, or if my computer is just giving me lip?
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    I put it on a external hard drive and watched it on my PS3 so I could watch it on my TV.. no issues.
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    I was wondering Telltale could still do this for fans. Assuming they still have the non-commentary audio intact.
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