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"in an interview with Edge Magazine in March 2010. The Tales team itself claims that, despite a considerably increasing fanbase since 2009-10, there aren't any plans to continue the series within the next five-year interval.[7]"


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    Yeah, I read that too :(

    "Not having any plans to continue" is not the same thing as "planning to not continue", though, right? One is the lack of a decision regarding the matter, the other is the decision to not do it.

    And just because that was true when it was written doesn't mean that it hasn't changed/won't change.

    ...I really want Monkey Island 6.
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    Keep in mind Telltale had "No plans to create a Monkey Island adventure" before it fell into their laps. The "No plans" just means they're not working on anything related and are not expecting to, but sometimes wacky things happen in the world of business.
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    It's not like long gaps between entries is a foreign concept to the Monkey Island series. I'd rather sooner than later but I'll take later over nothing.
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    "No plans" also means they haven't announced anything yet. Or they haven't announced that an announcement is coming.
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