Law & Order Legacies approved by Apple!

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Hey guys,

Just got word from the top that I could break the news here-- we're officially approved by Apple and the game will be out for iPad and iPhone on Thursday Dec 22nd!



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    If I had any of them id be jumping for joy. :p At lest Il be able to see peoples opinions on it before I play.
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    Are we going to find out the PC pricing before these are released? I need to know before I pick a platform, and if I pick iOS I'd like to be able to pick them up on release date. :)
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    Congratulations on the Apple thing guys!

    So, are the first two episodes (on iPad/iPhone) going to be released on the same day, or am I reading that wrong?
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    We haven't determined PC pricing yet, ATimson. Sorry.

    Episodes 1 and 2 will be released at the same time, with Episode 2 being an In-App Purchase after buying Episode 1.
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    Will it be available for the Mac?
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    wjgia wrote: »
    Will it be available for the Mac?
    Yes it will (probably as the same time as the PC version, but not as early as the iOS ones).
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