Is there any way to transfer your in-app purchases from iPad to iPhone?

I purchased the second episode on my iPad and want to continue playing on my iPhone without paying for it twice. Is there any way to transfer the in-app purchase between the two devices? There isn't any way to backup you save via Game Center, is there?


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    I'm having pretty much the same problem, but in reverse. Bought the game on iphone and ep 2 in-app (the only way to purchase subsequent eps, as far as I know), later installed the app on my iPad, and now it's trying to tell me I need to purchase ep 2 all over again. Eff that noise, this is supposed to be a universal app! However, a sinking feeling in my gut (and the lack of any replies to OP) tells me this is an issue to take up with Apple. Any suggestions, Telltale?
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    In-App Purchases are tied to your App Store account, not a specific device. If you already bought it on an iPad, you'll still have access to it on your iPhone or Touch. You'll have to tap the Buy option, but at that point, it will tell you that you've already purchased it and will confirm that you want to download it.
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    Hi Michael, thanks for your response. It worked just the way you described it.
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    That concept did NOT work for me. I went for the multi-pack, got it on 1/6, but didn't have time to D/L Episode 3. Came back on 1/7 to install and play Episode 3, and it charged me for it. I checked my iTunes account, and I was indeed charged for the multi-pack, and then charged again for Episode 3. And the worse part...Epsiode 3 will not download! I left it downloading, it finishes (shows 100%) but when I then click "Install", it just starts downloading at 0% again. I tried it 3 times, same result.

    Something is wrong, and until they get it fixed, I would advise avoiding this in-app purchasing. I'm out about $16 right now, and still do not have the new episode, and the same thing is happening on my iPad and iPhone.

    Oh, I tried a common troubleshooting trick that is used on iOS...I deleted the app and reinstalled. Now I'm out all my progress AND the second episode that I also paid $3 for. So all told I'm out about $22, and all I have now is the base app with the first episode. I'm not going to try to re-download the others, as I'm afraid I'll get charged AGAIN.

    While a neat game at first, this has turned into a huge ripoff. I'm kinda sorry I bought it in the first place.
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    You should contact Apple about that if you're certain you're seeing charges for the same items multiple times. That's not technically possible with the way Apple handles In-App Purchases, so I couldn't hazard a guess as to what happened there, unfortunately.
  • Of course, you can use iPhone Transfer. It's a professional but easy-to-use tool from RecoveryAdnroid. Just connect your iPhone to computer and run the program, then it will detect your phone data and show you a preview. You can choose and transfer purchases from iPhone to iTunes without difficulty.
    Hope this can help you.

  • It still asks me to buy it again when switched to a new iPad.

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