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Just one quick question.
The bone games that are on steam are the director's cut versions like the ones that sells telltale?

I wanna know because the steam ones have discount until 1st January



  • JenniferJennifer Moderator
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    Telltale replaced the original version with the director's cut version because Telltale and Bone creator Jeff Smith wanted to fix some things that they thought were lacking, so I'd hazard to say that the Steam versions are the director's cut versions.
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    I would agree with Jennifer and say that no, they are not the Director's Cut versions of the games. You can still order the disc versions from Telltales store though.
  • How did you mistake the words ' the Steam versions are the director's cut versions' to mean 'no, they are not the Director's Cut versions of the games'?

  • Well apparently the Telltale Store versions are no longer the director's cuts. They finally made them DRM free, but the DRM free versions appear to be versions 1.0. :-/

  • Thank you so much for making the Bone games playable again, after many years of not being able to play them because of the SecuROM attached DRM.
    Now, I can enjoy them all over again, and be able to have the first Telltale adventure games made playable, not just some useless data space, in my collection.

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