KQ8 inspired a symphonic suite?

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Apparently King's Quest VIII, inspired a 12-minute three part musical sequel back in 1999/2000 at Bowling Green State University, called "Daventry Suite". The music was composed by Donald M. Wilson. Sierra apparently even announced it and featured it back at the time...

The music acts as a sort of epilogue to the game, and tells of Sarah's melancholy longing for the return of her hero, to have him hold her in his arms, and her dream that he be hailed by the townsfolk, and knighted by King Graham.

The 2nd part tells of Connor's triuphant return to fanfare and festival held in his honor by the inhabitants of Daventry.

The third part tells of Connor coming before King Graham, and being knighted by the king in a joyful ceremony.

More can be found here (including the music, and the liner notes);

Rather interesting I think...!
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