Episode 4 Inconsistencies - *Spoilers*

*spoilers ahead*

Just finished Episode 4, and several things about the crime itself just don't make sense.

1) If the Bauer mom murdered her son when he came home without drugs, why would she continue to leave the murder weapon on the floor by the front door of her apartment, with the blood still on it, even after just being interviewed by the police and panicking that they had it in for her?

2) If you choose to believe that the destitute mom was in a drug haze and unable to think straight enough to ditch the murder weapon, how then did she drag her kid from the scene of the crime (her apartment), halfway across Manhattan, without a car, and then dump the body in an alley without being seen ON NEW YEAR's EVE, all within four hours of the time of death? Or, if the alley itself was the scene of the crime, why would mother and son meet there, in the prophet Hobo's hangout with potential witnesses everywhere, instead of at home?

3) How does a meth drug addict mom with no money get her hands on an entire bottle of the prescription opiate Vicodin?

4) Why would mom leave a $1000 check from the welfare center on the ground by her front door for EIGHT MONTHS (according caseworker testimony of when the checks were cut). I might be tempted to cash that sucker.

5) Why would she kill her kid over not bringing home a few grams of meth, when the police found three POUNDS of it in her apartment (mentioned in dialogue)?

The moral dillema with the doctor's negligence was well thought out, but man, the crime itself just didn't make sense. Unless the musical-watching tourist did it all--now there's a thought. She did lie to every single question, and those vicious eyebrows she had--watch out!


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    makes a lot of sense, half way through one can already tell the Dr is the man to nail, and the rest is just raising the correct evidence, but everything is moving along too smoothly. There seems to other factors involved even if the doctor is indeed very negligent (even in the way he tried to cover up their tracks by fabricating the visit record, that isn't very smart)
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    The check wasn't on the floor. The receipt from depositing the check was.

    Also the 3 Pounds of meth were found 2 years ago, before the Good Shepherd home found the Bauers.
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    Hi, Hendersb:

    I was the writer on Ep. 4. Thanks for taking the time to post these questions.

    As TehSkull said, the incident with the three pounds of meth happened two years ago, in Kansas. And the police seized the drugs at that time. And it was a receipt, not a check, that was found.

    As for your other questions:

    1) Mrs. Bauer was too drug-addled to dispose of the murder weapon. She lashed out at Aaron in anger after he failed to deliver her next fix...in my mind, she never realized the attack was lethal until she was confronted by the cops.

    2) She didn't drag Aaron across Manhattan. He ran away, then died of his injuries in the alley. The spot where he died is only blocks from the apartment (and yes, there is low-income housing in midtown Manhattan...not a lot, but some).

    3) It's possible the medicine was prescribed to Mrs. Bauer. It's also possible that Aaron procured it for her with proceeds from his stolen loot.

    Hope that clears things up!
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    I appreciate the explanation. Some those details I must have missed on the first playthrough, so this does fill in some blanks.

    Now that I know the kid ran away after being injured (second time getting badly hurt that day, after being tased), I can see that perhaps he was knocked on the head too many times and didn't think to go to the clinic or get help from anyone on the street with all the blood streaming from his head. A little unusual that he would gather up all his stuff in the bag before heading out, including the bottom half of the murder weapon, but walking around with a concussion leaves leeway for some whacked behavior.

    I also think it would be a great court case against any doctor (gross negligence) who would prescribe Vicodin to someone who is so obviously abusing drugs and alcohol.

    I still think the musical-watching woman could have been in on it. She's creepy.
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    You think?
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