How many fans learned or improved your typing skills on classic Sierra games?

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I know that I learned to type (even if it was originally just hunt and peck) on early King's Quest and Quest for Glory games (etc)!

Does anyone else have similar memories?


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    I sure improved my english-skills in Space Quest 3.
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    I played a bunch of Infocom text adventures when I was a kid.. it certainly helped me type faster.
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    I learned to spell and read and type with KQ1-KQ3 and SQ1-SQ2. Fond memories of waking my parents up in the small hours of the morning asking them how to spell 'suit'. They ended up writing down a bunch of words on paper for me.
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    throw baby.
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    Oh gods, I need to go back to Peasantry again. That was a fun game.

    I don't know if it taught me how to type better, cause I played most of my adventure games in my teens, but I'd say I'd say that text adventures on the Commodore 64 certainly helped me get interested in learning to use the keyboard.
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