Lurkers FTW!

Okay, so I've been a lurker here a while and after I finished TOMI I thought that I could die happy. Yet the Gods of Don'tdieyetyoustillhavetodosomethingcrappyinafewweekstime told me that I needed to do something better.
Make a MI comic.
So I was wandering what you guys think of my basic story line? I'll give a bit more if anyone's interested but its not great..I just want to keep it slightly canon.
Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate(tm) has found his way back into a bar where he gets into a sissy fight with the pirate Buck Caneer about who the mightiest pirate is. The voodoo lady steps in from nowhere(A.K.A the toilet) to give them a way to decide. They have to find the talismans of Jekyll and Hyde. They each naturally find one after a strange day and rush to Mount Rock where the voodoo lady will grant the first one up with the title of mightiest pirate. The two pirates stand on top the (tiny)mountain huffing and puffing and stuff...Then the talismans magically fly out of their hands and collide together which lets the voodoo lady cry out in horror. Guybrish dives to separate them as Buck runs away cleverly. Guybrush is then sucked into the talismans...

He wakes up on an island to see Elaine, who he thought he had left back on Melee Island. She wakes him up with a slap and starts screaming at him. Another pirate in clothing similar to Lechuck's come rushing in to the scene. He is in fact Charles Sheepgood, Mighty Pirate(mt). Guybrush realises he is in an alternate reality where the main antagonist is a thin yet clever LeChuck named Charles and Guybrush's own counterpart is a buff demon who has been after Elaine for years. They soon come to realise this and Charles tells Guybrush all about the evil LeGuy. They work out that if he is in their reality then his other must be in the alternate one.
Now Guybrush has to get back with the help of Charles, Elaine and the Voodoo Lady's counterpart and defeat the mightiest pirate in the Carribean.
Its just a skeleton but I just wanted to see if it was okay, I'm not a great artist or even a good one so it might be an epic fail but until/if the next MI comes out...I'm going to preoccupy myself with this :D


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