A few questions about Bone for the developers.

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Hello, I'm curious about a few things so here goes.

Will I be able to change the resolution in Bone? The screenshots so far look to be taken in a low resolution.

Are you confident about getting Bone finished for September? Or are we looking at another Half-Life 2 release dilema? :p


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    I have a question, too. I bought the Bone: One Volume Edition. And I've been intending to read it, but one of the things I'm worried about is whether reading it will spoil the game, or if playing the game first will spoil the book.

    So what do you suggest I do? Read first, or play it first? Or go sit in the corner and pout?
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    Well I suppose the book and game are similar (!); in fact here you can find an excerpt from the first Bone volume.
    As you can see, the last scene of the trailer is totally the same of that page!
    So if I were you, I would first play the game then read the book.
    I think TTG guys could not put the entire first volume in the game but ehi.. I have never read the story so I don't exactly know it!

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    No, I doubt it. There are many scenes in the book that could never be replicated in the game (or at least made into a viable gameplay experience), and some which I already know have been edited (most of the locations in the first Bone game is covered in snow when Fone Bone first visits them in the book). The game will also have to extend certain parts in order to make them fun and adventurey.

    The only thing that could really be spoiled are maybe a few puzzles taken from the book (Minor spoiler: giving Smiley a dollar to get the map at the beginning) and the overall story arc, which is amazing and you should definitely read it.
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