Unanswered questions after the ending (+ mini review)

Well... a few hours ago, I finally finished "Rise Of The Pirate God" and I must say that Guybrush's adventures have been an absolutely awesome rollercoaster ride of monkey mayhem in piratey proportions. :) Thank (Pirate) God I played through the whole game, it was totally worth it. At first, I didn't even really have the motivation to do so. Why?

I had played through 3½ episodes of ToMI before, but back then I stopped right after Guybrush's trial in Episode 4 (the part where
LeChuck and the Voodoo Lady are imprisoned in the Flotsam jail
) — I'm not a big fan of trials and court cases, so I got quite a little annoyed, I guess. :rolleyes: But I decided to give it another shot, installed all five Monkey Island games (MI1, MI2, CMI, EMI, ToMI) and was totally pumped. I started with "Launch Of The Screaming Narwhal" again aaaand...

... stopped right after I set foot on Flotsam Island. Why? Well, the rendered 3D graphics did nothing for me. I had totally forgotten about how the game looked. So I stopped playing and started searching for a fanmade 2D version of the game (which I didn't find, of course :( ). So I launched "Escape From Monkey Island" for the first time in 11 years. Suffice it to say that seeing the graphics of THAT game again felt like a kick in the fundament. Really... all the persons in that game look like they were coming right out of the original "Alone In The Dark" game. You know: the one from 1992? — Suddenly, the graphics in ToMI didn't look that bad anymore! :D

I remember that in my first attempt to finish ToMI, I really liked episode 3 most. Episode 1: four out of five stars, Episode 2: three out of five stars (Spinner Cay wasn't my cup 'o tea), Episode 3: five out of five stars – absolutely hilarious, exciting and romantic! And that's exactly how I feel after playing them a second time. Episode 4 and 5 both get a four out of five.

I must say that you Telltale guys really made a GREAT game, all in all. You managed to redeem a franchise that was almost crushed to death by its fourth installment. Seriously... "Escape From Monkey Island" almost managed to ruin the whole Monkey Island universe! Where EMI took the present day tourist/vacation atmosphere a step too far and almost ruined the franchise with pop culture/brand references, you managed to re-ignite the spark of a swashbuckling adventure. Without any giant robots whatsoever! Also, the puzzles were a lot of fun – all of them! Yeeees, also the jungle parts. ;)

But most of all, I'm thankful for what you did with LeChuck. Ever since "Curse Of Monkey Island", that guy turned into some sort of Sunday morning cartoon character - whereas before he was a frightening and unpredictable villain with strange voodoo (and/or ghostly) powers. After the ending of EMI, one couldn't help but feel a sense of ridiculousness (as in: "hahaha *sigh* let's see what that droll LeChuck will be up to next"... :rolleyes: ) – thanks to you guys, he was (is?) a fearsome demon pirate once again!

The only thing I didn't like that much, is that the ending sequence felt a little too short (yes, even
with that very last bit after the credits
). It would have been really nice if Guybrush would have had the opportunity to ask about what exactly
happened in the real world after LeChuck was defeated
. Other than that: awesome game!

Now there are a few unanswered questions I have after finishing the game. I hope somebody can share some ideas! :) Let's start:
1.) The Ring Thing
How exactly did the diamond ring make Guybrush alive again? I mean... I do understand that Guybrush put all his courage, "anchor", direction and sacrifice into that ring at that moment – but still: if that completely reanimated him, how is his left hand back to normal?

2.) Elaine's Plan
She says: "It's about time!" and Guybrush is totally baffled (as is the player) as to why she expected him. Guybrush answers: "Is that why you gave me...?" – I suppose he means the wedding ring. But how would Elaine know about the things that are needed for a dead person to escape the afterlife and return to the world of the living? She couldn't have known that at all!

3.) Morgan's Return
So Morgan is a ghost when she brings LeChuck's remains to the Voodoo Lady – but how did she escape the afterlife? Did the Voodoo Lady summon her? Did she flee through one of the rifts into the world of the living?

Other than that, the ending's great. I do understand that the world is bright again after LeChuck's defeat – and that Winslow got the Screaming Narwhal back which was merely set adrift at sea by LeChuck. But the Elaine and ring thingy...? Hmmm...

What do you think, people?


  • JenniferJennifer Moderator
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    The bit with Elaine and the ring was explained by Mike Stemmle, the co-designer of Tales of Monkey Island here and here. The thread those quotes came from is actually a good read on the subject on the whole.

    As for the teaser with Morgan, I'm sure it was meant to be vague as to how it was possible and what was going on since it's just meant as a teaser for things to come (whether or not it will ever happen though is another question, since LucasArts management isn't very adventure game friendly these days).
  • SydSyd
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    1. How the spell completely brought Guybrush back to life, I'm not sure. Perhaps the ring somehow made the spell powerful enough to completely revive him. As for as Guybrush's physical state at the end, he was completely regenerated, hand and all. In the special edition commentary, they talked about how they had the idea that he'd be wearing his original garb from the first Monkey Island as well, but they ultimately decided against it. I haven't watched the commentary in a while so I may go watch the last episode's commentary again to see if I can squeeze any more details out of it.
    2. Your guess is as good as mine! If the commentary explained it at some point, I must have missed it. I could understand her being suspicious of LeChuck the entire time and just playing along, but I also have no idea how she knew that the ring would be so important.
    3. I guess Telltale's saving that explanation for season 2, if we ever get it.

    Edit: Thanks for the links, Jennifer! That cleared a few things up.
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    Thanks for the replies, people! :) I'll now read through that whole thread you've posted, Jennifer. Looks interesting! :)
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