Episode 4 on the iPad ?

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We quickly saw eps 1,2, and 3 hit the App Store over the holidays, but months later there's no sign of the final installment. Any plans? Don't abandon us iPad gamers Telltale! :-)


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    It's being worked on now and will be out soon, but I don't have an exact release date just yet. Sorry.
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    I was wondering the same exact thing, as I have been going through the App store and scratching me head as to why there was no episode 4. For a second I was thinking that maybe they condensed the iPad episodes, but from the looks of this thread episode 4 is still in the pipeline to be released at some point.

    Is there any update on a release date or is that still a ways off? Only reason I ask is that I want to hold off on buying the complete series for the iPad until they are all released, especially episode 4, because it caps everything off for the season.

    That said, I just plunked down the money to buy the whole Back To The Future series last night, awesome price by the way, and cannot wait to play it when my iPad 2 arrives later this week.

    Also, despite the flack people have given you over Jurassic Park: The Game, I had the chance to sit down and play the first episode at a friends house via an Xbox 360 and it was terrific. You all really did capture the essence, or vibe to put it better, of the first film perfectly You really do feel like you're experiencing an extension to the first film's story in an interactive way.

    Kudos to you all, I can't wait to purchase this complete series on the iPad eventually when they are all released.

    Thanks Telltale, and once again, good job.
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    Hopefully it will be out before the end of this month....I just bought the first 3 and went through them all in one day....oh well, maybe I should play Law & Order and re-play Back to the Future in the mean time
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    So, I am bumping this thread since it has been two months since the last update and there is STILL NO EPISODE 4 on the iPAD. I would love to buy the Walking Dead, but am purposely holding off despite the good reviews because it would be nice to finish the game I already have 3/4ths of before I start another game that may or may not be finished!
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