Cedric in all ScummVM games

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Quoted from the ScummVM website:

"Cedric is one of the most famous characters in Sierra history. However, he has divided the fanbase into those who find him slightly irksome and those that adore him. We have therefore come up with a modification for ScummVM that optionally removes Cedric from King's Quest V.

In addition to being able to remove Cedric from King's Quest V, we have also worked on a mode for all other ScummVM games to insert Cedric into them. Cedric integrates directly into those games and can interact with the game as well as the player. A set of screenshots of this mode (and of King's Quest V) can be found at the end of this news post.

Some of the other developers have also chimed in with their opinion on the subject. ScummVM PR officer Strangerke said, "ScummVM has always been about improving the quality of these games and now we finally have the opportunity to bring one of Sierra's most beloved characters to all the other games we support." "It really adds to these Coktel Vision games," stated ScummVM Gob developer DrMcCoy, "they're actually playable now." "I can't imagine playing these games any other way now; there's no going back," added clone2727. "

The original thread has screenshots of Cedric in several games.

lmao - the Ween screenshot is friggin hilarious.


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    I think as a rule, any video game with poisonous snakes must include Cedric.
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    So does Graham die at the end of the game?

    April1st is cool btw.
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    Well that would be good. :D
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    I like the Urban Runner one!
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    Well, you can play your new Cedricfied ScummVm games on this! ;)
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    I think Indiana Jones and cedric would get along well considering their mutual dislike for snakes.
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    Oh man that should be a future fan game!
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    That'd be awesome! If it weren't for him taking a bullet in KQ5, I'd call Cedric completely worthless.
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    That would have been awesome. Cedrick in every game imaginable.
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    I would like for Cedric to have been onboard the Sea Monkey in SoMI... and unable to escape when I sink it.

    Or else being able to adjust the catapult to conveniently hit that tree on the beach annoying owl.
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    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis: Use whip with Annoying Talking Owl.
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    "I would like for Cedric to have been onboard the Sea Monkey in SoMI... and unable to escape when I sink it."

    come on, everyone knows your crew escapes, and becomes angry at you later on ;) There is nothing worse, than when Cedric is annoyed ;).

    Also, beware, or you might get zombie owl, Le Cedric in the next game ;).
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